WAFBUSTERS® franchise: open your profitable business within 30 days in your country

We`ll open your cafe for you,
We`ll implement our technology,
We`ll instruct you and your employees. We`ll follow you from the kitchen and hall project to the food purchase.
We constantly make high-quality Hong Kong Waffles and Beverages in the scale of the network which is supported by the accounting system of our partners from Iiko ™.
Franchise fee: 8000 $
Royalties: 4% of revenue per month. Investments: from 15 000 $
Profitability: 25%
Payback: from six months.
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What is Hong Kong Waffles?
The most popular street food product in 2016.
It consists of 30 balls-cells, where we put different fillings.
It can be: Snickers, M&M`s, chocolate, etc.

For preparation we use a corporate recipe, patented by our
company, it consists of a natural dry mix.

Product popularity in the World is constantly growing.
A young brand with a huge audience.
We picked up a trend in the street food and created a stir in social networks and our cafes.

It is also a team of experienced business partners.
System of training and support of colleagues.
Production of dry mixes for waffles.

The company's revenue for 2017 is 3,5 million $
Which cafe you can open?
We can adjust almost to any place.

- But there is something we cannot do without:
- The availability of sewerage and water supply
- Area of 12 square. m.
Without this, our technology will not be able to work.
This is one of the key terms of the franchise.

Advantages of WAFBUSTERS®
Why the probability of rapid growth and stable profit with us is much higher
1. Our team comes to you,
instruct you and your staff
You need to learn technology, accounting system, staff relations as well as pass the exam. Your future success will depend on these skills.
2. 2. You will work with a ready-made technology
It is important that every element of the kitchen is arranged in accordance with the technology. This is the main component of your future productivity and efficiency.
3. Our marketing department will promote your cafe.
To get a good profit, you shouldn't forget about client capture.
For that purpose we use a strategy developed for us by Paper Plane company.
We carry social networks.
We create design materials
We run competitions and promotions

Our specialists attract new customers through social networks, they work with a brand name in the media.

We constantly update the database of design materials, draw banners, pictures for social networks.

We conduct federal actions together with couponers, bloggers and shopping centers.
4. Your cafe will look very expensive
and professional.
For your new cafe we will create an interior design project according to our standard.
We make a comfortable kitchen and hall according to your area conditions.
This is a photo of our cafe in Moscow. We designed interior in the In-line format.
Click below and download an example of our project.
5. You get quality raw materials for
a convenient preparation of delicious waffles.
We have our own production of natural dry mix for Hong Kong waffles.
It makes the cost of production low but permits to maintain a high quality.
6. Our program of mystery shoppers
will control your employees.
We strictly monitor the quality of the product to make our cafe profitable.
7. Manage your cafe from your smartphone with an advanced accounting system Iiko™.
You get a cafe technology where you know what every ruble is spent on.
It simplifies your work, allows you to manage people, count the exact profit.
Who already knows what the food services is, understands that the most important thing is
to keep proper records.

There are a lot of simplified systems,
but all major networks select between
Iiko™ or r-keeper.

After many tests, we chose iiko ™ and we have been already working well for several years.

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The WAFBUSTERS franchise owners
Business terms and conditions
Before we sign the contract, you must have
Place for opening a cafe
You already have a place to open a cafe and you are 100% sure of it.
Sometimes we provide a place in the best shopping centers.
The amount of min 25 000 $
This sum of money should be available for you to open a cafe.
We also recommend having a reserve for unforeseen needs.
The existing legal entity
The franchising agreement (commercial concession) can be concluded only with a legal person.
We can help with the execution.

We deal with

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