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What does the waffle pastry consists?
We use a special bake mix for our waffles the same as you use at your home pastry.
It consists of: straight white wheat flour, sugar powder, corn flour, egg melange, skimmilk powder, salt, acidity regulator citric acid, vanillin.
What is the average energy value?
It dipends on the fillings you choose, for example a vanilla waffle with M&M`s, whipped cream and banana has 654,5 kcal.
How can I get a job in WAFBUSTERS?
You can click and find all vacancies we are looking for at the moment.
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I would like to open a WAFBUSTERS Cafe in my city. How can I do it?
You can open your own cafe with a Wafbusters franchise. Click and fill the form.
Our manager will contact you and will give you all information you need.
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